Internet of Human Things

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I vincoli che hanno plasmato il mondo di ieri, vale a dire il paradigma fordista, sono stati spazzati via dall'evoluzione tecnologica. Ora Intelligenza Artificiale, Internet of Things e Big Data possono costruire un mondo nuovo e sono in grado di aumentare in maniera esponenziale anche la qualità della vita umana. Per farlo è necessario cambiare paradigma e questo libri spiega come fare.

It is surely going to have a significant impact on the way people work and human resources function. Just like an athlete has a chance to track and optimize performance with the help of wearables or mobile devices, employees can use IoT devices to their advantage and become more efficient in their workplaces too. This is a powerful way to think about the Internet of Things because it focuses the mind on the human experience of it, not just the things themselves.

Indeed, the Internet of Things is redefining the debate about privacy issues, as many Interaction and Humans in Internet of Things 635 Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka lead the " Talk&Touch '' group at the Telecooperation Lab at TU Darmstadt until end of 2014. We've come a long way since the web was just a fun place to share cat gifs - now it's a place mostly dedicated to finding and selling your personal info. The Internet of Things will enable forms of collaboration and communication between people and things, and between things themselves, hitherto unknown and unimagined.